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BKS is a platform for urban express service, businesses under the orders, couriers free orders. Is a courier resource sharing platform, we are about to show, no more freedom and speed in the future.

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About us

BKS is a quick delivery counter

BKS is a JS company's express sharing economic platform, mainly for the city express service, fast delivery and accurate, the goods generally arrive within two hours.

The city arrives within two hours of service

Ordinary express companies do not have the speed, because this is the use of idle courier resources, as long as everyone is free, as long as the way, can be couriers, can serve each other.

Join us

Joining us is absolutely free

As long as the real name plus us, we will provide a free platform, unless some equipment is used, otherwise, we are free to use. You can choose any orders as long as you like.

Freedom of payment

We don't pay for the express, and each express charge is made immediately. Of course, we will provide some security services and charge a small amount of fees.

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